Goal not registering (based on url parameters)


I want to register the steps taken in a job application process. I thought I could use the goal tracking ‘url contains’ for this, however the goals are not registered. When I use the debug screen I do see the urls with the parameters, so the url is getting registered but somehow doesn’t add a goal conversion.

The parameters are like this:

Turns out the page is a SPA (single page application). So I’ll have to create events based on a history change trigger. Would be very nice if you could skip this step and history change is automatically used for goals also.

Hi. If there are page view events with this string being part of the URL, technically it should work without any additional configuration. You can check if in the tracker debugger or session log.

In the near future, we plan to add a feature that will register SPA page views by default. That should resolve the issue. I always suggest using tag manager to track such goals as it gives you more flexibility when it comes to conditions that trigger the conversion.