Goals - form submissions with no thank you page

sorry, maybe this topic has already been here, but I couldn’t find the answer to my question in any of the threads I could find.
I would like to track the submission of forms (contact and demo) as a goal, unfortunately as we do not have a thank you page, only a message on the same page after submission, using a dedicated URL is not an option. (Contact us | iRaiser / Book your free demo! | iRaiser )
I cannot find any information on how to set such a goal i piwik in this case.

Hi, my bet is that you would have to use event tracking on the submission of the form (on the button), as explained here, with the Tag Manager How to track button clicks | Piwik PRO help center and then on Analytics > goal > choose send event and fill in accordingly. But I’d wait for some Piwik expert to confirm or correct this.

You would have to set up a goal and base it on the conditions that you would like to track.

You may also find this article on form submission tracking handy: How to track a form submission | Piwik PRO help center

thanks, this article is exactly what i was looking for