Setting up Goals in Register Page

Hello, I want to track the goals of sign-ups on the registration page.

Here is the page I want to track the goal on: Register and manage your urls - Veshort

One goal is to track who clicked on the register button and went to the page Login to your account - Veshort

Another goal is to track the submission of signing in with Google, and after that, when the Google process is complete, it goes to the page Login to your account - Veshort

I tried to set up these goals using the click ID and some other methods, but it was not working.

Can you help me with setting up these two goals?

Hi @fahadfahad4548,

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You could use form submit trigger Form submission trigger | Piwik PRO help center
Other option is to check what class is seen by Piwik PRO when clicking on the element. You can do that by opening this page in Debug mode, clicking on the element (with prevent page reload switch turned on if necessary) and checking what classes the event have.
(screenshot from the click on register button from the site you provided)
And then using those classes as a trigger for a click event (I would also recommend adding in the condition page url as those classes can appear on other pages where the button is not necessarly a registration button)



Thank you for your reply.

I used a form submission, and it is working.

Now I want to track Google sign-up, and here is the flow:
A person clicks the Google sign-up button, and after the Google procedure, the person’s page should be Login to your account - Veshort.

I tried only clicking the button. It may not be accurate. Is it possible to set up the flow as described above?

Also, I previously set up a goal, but it still data shows in the reports even after I deleted it. How can I remove that data?

Lastly, will setting a goals have an impact on the website speed?


You can create a funnel that as a first step have clicks on Google sign-up and then second step as a page view of login page.

It’s not possible to delete already collected data.

No it does not have any noticable impact on the website speed.