Goals Not Showing in Google Looker Studio


I’m having an odd problem. When connecting bookvrof.piwik.pro to Looker as a data source, none of the goals appear as dimensions/metrics. However, for penzone.piwik.pro, they do. I have reconnected Looker to bookvrof.piwik.pro but the goals still don’t show up by name.

Hi @David_Culbertson, please check out this thread LookerStudio, filtering by goal name and confirm you’re not using any filters that would base on the Goal names. If that’s not the case, please come back and we’ll try to help you further :slight_smile:


I’m not doing any filtering. The goal names are not appearing as dimensions in bookvrof.piwik.pro but are in penzone.piwik.pro. Also, the named goals are not appearing as dimensions in fvdublin.piwik.pro. What’s going on here?


I figured out the problem and the solution. For penzone.piwik.pro, I had created custom metrics for specific goals. I have not done that yet for fvdublin.piwik.pro and bookvrof.piwik.pro.