LookerStudio, filtering by goal name

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I am trying to get a the number of goal conversion in a Scorecard. Is there a way to use the goal name instead of the goal ID in the filter?

My second (related) question I am creating a table that shows the pages and the number of conversions happening on the pages.

I added a filter that display all the Goals name

as soon as I make a select a goal from the list, the table breaks ! Any idea why please?

@cgoasduff this may be a slightly late response, but we checked what’s going on.

Unfortunately the only way to filter by goals in the Looker Studio connector is by providing the goal ID in the filter, just like you said.

We plan to change this in the future, but it will also require a change in our Analytics API, which the connector is using ‘under the hood’.

You see goal names in the dropdown filter, because Looker Studio treats the preview as any other widget and it downloads the list of all results. Using the dropdown filter doesn’t work for the same reason as regular filters with Goal names - our API expects an ID instead of the name.

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Let’s revisit this thread, as we released an update that fixes this issue. Also, the explanation above didn’t explain exactly what works and what doesn’t.

You can use Goal names in filters now for simple widgets such as tables and scorecards. Here is an example using demo data from Analytics:

You can also use them in dropdown filters or in filters using the IN_LIST operator:

This may still be tricky in some more advanced cases, like using the “contains” filter operator, which isn’t supported by our Analytics API for goal names.


Thanks for the update!