Unattributed Source / support for Social entries


When a user lands on my website from a Social Network (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) its visit is attribued to the “Social” channel of the Aquisition > Channel report.
Therefore, when i check the associated subtable, it appears that the related Source / support is empty (which means u dont know what social media users came from).

After investigating, it looks like the Channel and Source dont appear within the session log (the whole two lines are missing for social media visits) but they appear within the debugger for the same visits as Channel : website and Source : whatever the correct source is.

Do you have any clue about where my issue comes from ?

Hi @SW_Vincent,

Let me phrase your question in my own words;
You are looking for the channel “social” for sessions coming from e.g. facebook.

There is no real channel “social” in Piwik PRO by default.
There are currently 4 standard channels:

  • Direct entry
  • Search engine
  • Website
  • Campaign

[Edit] In version 16.x there was a new channel introduced:

  • Social

You can however create your own Custom channel group, by using the Referrer URLs you seem fit for a channel Social, in a configuration like this:

Would that help?




Thanks @rmastop for your answer.

At first, i’d say that we did a wrong manipulation with channel groupings leading somehow to this “Social” Channel (it looks like the usual Website channel is split into a new website channel and the social channel) :

but there are two problems :

  • my custom channel grouping list is empty

  • a custom channel attribution shouldn’t lead to an empty Source / support value considering even direct traffic does have “direct / direct” as Source / support.

Furthermore, the fact that the channel attribute isn’t displayed in the session log (while it is displayed within the debugger) for the related visits quite bothers me.

Thanks again for your help and answers !

Hi @SW_Vincent,

I checked it again, and noticed you found an issue. The channel Social is rather new for Piwik PRO Analytics Suite. It looks like the Source and Medium are not available in case we are dealing with channel Social.

Thanks for pointing out the issue, so it can be fixed.

Kind regards,

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