Google Tag Manager - Native PiwikPro Tag or Custom/Manual Code Installation Setup?


I’ve been using PiwikPro for a few months now, and when I started out, I used the “custom html” code provided by PiwikPro in order to integrate with GTM.

Now I just noticed there is a NATIVE PiwikPro Tag in GTM setup options. Should I replace the custom code with the native Piwik Tag? Any advantages In doing so? Am I missing some features and options NOT using the native Piwik Tag, within GTM?

P.S. I used only one code from Piwik under the “custom html” in GTM, which is the “Basic container (async)”, WITHOUT using the “additional container (sync)” which Piwik also provides under the “Manual Installation” option.


Hi @beyondperform,

I believe you are reffering to this Tag: Google Tag Manager: install a tracking code on its own | Piwik PRO help center. This tag installs only the tracking code. While the method you used is the method for installation with whole container: Google Tag Manager: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center. Both articles explain what is the reason to use one method over the other. I personally do recommend the second method (with container), as it gives you more possibilities. But if you are happy with just the analytics then the first method (without whole container) is okay too.