GTM + Piwik Pro

Hi all,

i am new to Piwik Pro, so sorry for any stupid questions. As background the setup consists of GTM + Piwik Pro.

  1. I see always two page view events: one is sent when the page loads and one when i leave the page, any clue why this is happening?
  2. How can i actually add any events to GTM and analyse them then in Piwik Pro. Is there any instruction online i could follow?

Thanks a lot,

Hi there!

  1. Where are you checking the page view events? Do you perhaps track page views in GTM too?

  2. For this I recommend you to look into our developer documentation: API — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 17.5 documentation. Piwik PRO tracking container sets up globally accessible command queue _paq . You can issue commands by using it in your tags and pushing them onto the command queue with _paq.push function. For example: _paq.push(["trackPageView"]) tracks the page view.