How are actions measured?

When I looked into the account data of SBB, I saw that we’re nearing 500k actions. Looking at the 3 websites in that account, it really looks like a mistake to me :slight_smile: When I do the calculation, I even don’t come close to 200k.

Hi. You should also see a table with details below.

How are you doing your calculation?

Update: I checked your account and indeed something is wrong with the totals. It’s not a big difference since you have many custom events, but still. We’ll take a closer look at this early next week.

I double-checked and it looks fine. You can consider disabling or limiting the built-in page scroll custom events.

Hi Kuba
Me again. Our new account is showing notifications that our actions are used… We’re only live for 2 weekends and as far as I can see it, we’re far from the 500k actions limit.

Hi @jurgen.vandevelde
I checked the situation in your account and I see the notification is right.
Overall up to date you accumulated over529K actions.
Detailed overview is available for you at all times under Administration - Subscription - Action details, where you can see current and last month values broken per event type.
What I see there is that approximately 66% of your actions are Page views and Heartbeat pings.

The volumes between your screenshots and my data differ, because you show only one of three sites you track (you can switch between them clicking top-right drop down next to the globe icon) or create Meta site or app, add all sites there and see volumes for all.

Please note: the volume of events we bill for is lower than the overall amount of events you collect (f.i. despite the volume of Heartbeat pings your page generates we will calculate them only up to the value of page views).
You can turn off Heartbeat pings if you want to, the detailed overview of actions and what they bring you is here: How can I estimate the number of actions for the pricing? | Piwik PRO help center

Hi Tymek. I already disabled the heartbeat ping. Asked the question if we can upgrade… The campaign will run until July 3th and that’s why I doubt if that is worth the upgrade of 3900 EUR

I see. Let me take it with our Sales team, I will answer you through an email when I got the answer.