Stop Heartbeat ping action - existing solution not working

I have followed the instructions in this post: Stop Heartbeat ping action

But my account is still tracking heartbeat pings at the same rate as my page views and it is eating up all my actions budget within half a month.

To confirm, here is the action I have taken:

  • Installed PiwikPro base code through Google Tag Manager using a custom HTML tag and the code supplied from the back end of Piwik
  • In Piwik Tag Manager I have edited the Piwik Pro tag so that “Count session time precisely” is deactivated. I have saved and published tag and it shows as such.

Despite all that, the stg.timer event is still firing all the time.

What is happening here?


Actually, Piwik does not bill for all heartbeat pings. We restrict the maximum number of heartbeat pings to the number of page views. So, if you previously tracked a X bnumber of heartbeat pings, this X number will gradually even out to the number of page views.

Thanks for replying Asinior - I misquoted and was aware of that fact.

That said, I still don’t know why it is even recording them when my account is clearly set to not show. Do you have any insight as to where my settings or where the platform might be having issues?

Hi @drobinsonIP ,

When heartbeat is enabled it sends out more events than the actual benefit, so if the amount of heartbeat events is higher than the amount of page views, we maximize the number to the number of events per page view.

If you’ll disable heartbeat pings during the month the maximum number of events increases equally to the number of page views, until we reach the end of the month, or we reach the amount of sent heartbeat pings.

Probably this could be the reason, or the problem could be in the implementation itself (we need the URL of this page to verify it, you can send it on priv).

Despite all that, the stg.timer event is still firing all the time.

It is a different event, not related to the Heartbeats. It is not billable.

Thanks Maciej_Kowcun, that could explain it then. I will wait for next months tracking to start.

Very frustrating as this has used up loads of the actions that I have paid for in credits.

Thanks for the feedback. To avoid this inconvenience in the future, since version 17.5.0 (released today), the heartbeats are disabled by default.