How can I create a report, that shows first time, when a page was viewed

Hi All,
PROVIDED there is a page, that shows up after successful reservation*****&orderToken=**************************&status=SUCCESS
AND a customer opens it again next day after the registration
WHEN I create a report with unique visits of the page per date
THEN I see the same page visited on the date of actual reservation
AND on the date, when the customer visited the page after registration

The above behavior makes sense to me from the perspective of page views, but is there a way to create a report, where I will be able to see the number of visits of the page only for the first time?
For example, if a customer visits page***********************&status=SUCCESS on July 30th and then on July 31st, then I would like see this visit (reservation) only on July 30th?

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I’m not sure what level of details is needed here. If it’s just the no. of first views, the unique page views metric should do the trick.

Hi @kuba , I tried to use unique views before. It’s fine, when I applied a long time period grouping, but I need the statistics per day.
So when I apply grouping per month (July), then the count shows 1, but there is no date displayed. When I apply the grouping by day, then I have a record on July 30th and July 31st. That all makes sense, as I mentioned before, but it doesn’t help me to resolve my goal.
Is there a way, how I can set up a report to see statistics of specific page views count per DAY, where only first view occurrence is displayed?
Does it make sense?
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You could add the following segment / filter:

However, it wouldn’t be accurate if there’s a high chance that the first page view on the specific landing would be done during one of the following visits.

If you need 100% accuracy, I guess you would have to create a cookie / localStorage entry to be able to mark the page as seen. This piece of data could be then used to set a custom dimension in the event scope.