Report of most visited blog pages per month

For my blog I made a report on the visitors per week. I also have a list of most visited pages for year to date:

I want to see more details which blog posts were visited by month or week. In Excel I would use a Pivot table or group the data by the period. Pivot tables are not available - I just did a feature request.

Is there any other way I could do a report for what I want?

What about adding an additional dimension and grouping by date?

To achieve that, you click Customize and add the Date dimension + apply the grouping.

Good idea. But the result isn’t what I’m looking for:

I could change the sort to Session Entry URL. But I can only get first 20 entries so that the interesting data is not visible.

If you want to compare more records at the same time, the mentioned pivot table would indeed be required. Remember that you can always export all the data to a sheet and do further analysis there.

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Thanks! Got the download. I’d rather do some Excel finagling than use the new GA which I find totally confusing compared to the old version or Piwik.

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