Why cant I see 'Visitors' in Pages reports?

Hello all

I’m really struggling here to produce a very simple report that who has seen some pages on our website with the metrics: Visitors, Sessions and Page Views.

For some reason I can’t seem to select “Visitors” when I try to add a new column. Only useless (for me) values such as “Visitor ID” and “Returning visitor (yes/no)” are available…!?

It boogles my mind… Please help.

Hi @WhyAlsoAUserNameHuh1,

The option there to expand a report allows you to add a dimension. Number of visitors is a metric so you can’t use this button to add a metric to the report.

Here is how to create a Pages report with a additional number of visitors metric:

  1. Go to Menu → Analytics → Reports → Behavior → Pages
  2. Press on a Customize button
  3. From the right bar pick a Visitors metris and drop it in a report field.
  4. Press on Create a report

With those steps you can also remove, add or change other metrics and dimensions so that they match better your needs.


That seemed to work!

Thanks a bunch Oliwer :smiley: