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I have a report with Page URL and page views as dimension/metric, and another report with session entry URL and page views as dimension/metric. The second report shows more page views for the same URL. Why is this?


Hi @V_E,

I know this one :wink:

The metric page view for the second report, shows you how many pageviews did we have, based on session that started at this page.
Not just this page URL, but all page views that have been visited during a session that started at this entry URL.

You could customize the report, and add the dimension Page URL to it, to see what I mean:

It ill show you all Session entry URLs. When selecting one of the entry URLs, one could see all page URLs that were visited during session that started at the aforementioned Session entry URL.

Do see what I mean?


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Oh I see!! Thank you Richard for clearing that up and showing me an example :slightly_smiling_face:

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