How to apply a custom event category filter within a calculated metric?

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to create a calculated metric that takes the count of “Custom event name” and then applies a filter where Custom Event Category = “formSubmit”.

This would ideally only show the count where the custom event category is equal “formSubmit”.

Is this possible to do within a calculated metric?

If not, is there a workaround/alternative?

Many thanks,


Hi @Tom,

It’s not possible to do within calculated metric. Calculated metrics do not have option to filter data. Only calculate it.

You have couple option here:
The one I would recommend would be to create a Goal “Form Sumbit” looking something like this:

Once you have that goal then you can use it in reports as I believe you’d want:

Important note here is that this solution will not work backwards, only data after creating this goal.

Other option would be to use filters in reports directly, but they will be applied to all the data in report, not only one specific metric, that’s why I would recommend first method