How to block scripts without consent

Hi, I would like to ask you for help. I installed worpress plugin added data and I can see consent banner on site but when I click Reject All it is not stopping Google Analytics and Google Adsense. I still see ads and I still see in google analytics that I’m on that post. I added nonce function to functions.php still it is not blocking scripts.

I have few questions:
How to scan site for aditional thirdparty scripts?
Where to see actual scripts? I only see on banner “analytics”
How to stop scripts until visitor clicks “Accept All”

Basicly I see everywhere on your site how it is GDPR proper plugin how it is blocking thirdparty scripts but it is not and I can’t even find info how to do it…

Hi @Garique,

I presume that you’ve had installed Google Analytics before installing Piwik PRO snippet. Our Consent Manager blocks loading scripts that are installed via Piwik PRO Tag manager (assuming you have chosen proper consent category for your tag).

Suggested steps:

  • remove google analytics / adsense code from your site
  • install those tools via Piwik PRO Tag manager using predefined templates or custom code tags

Thanks for reply but I already deleted everything piwik ads google. I will rather have clean site than deal with gdpr :slight_smile: Others even charged me for 2 hours of using their broken plugin. I’m done.

Sorry to hear that. Keep in mind that Piwik PRO is the best way to start from scratch since our Tag manager and Consent manager allow you to manage all tags and consents. :slight_smile: