How to define scripts to be blocked before consent is given? Autoblocking feature of scripts not managed with Piwik Tag manager


I’ve used some other consent mgmt solutions which allow you to set a attribute for script tags that define the category and status.

Does Piwik allow this kind of method or does it work only with scripts configured and inserted via Piwik Tag manager?
I.e. is there a autoblocking feature for developers to take advantage?

Couldn’t find documentation that would clearly state that how does this consent manager actual work.

Hi, there’s native integration of our consent manager in tag manager. For scripts loaded outside of our tag manager we recommend using our API to encapsulate the code with eg. check for consent prior to firing the code. Here’s the documentation for our consent manager API.

There’s no autoblocking feature as we don’t want to interfere with the site we’re installed on beyond our tag manager’s scope.

Thanks! Perhaps API could be useful in creating own “autoblocking” feature by implementing own attributes for scripts and by that way enabling encapsulatíon of multiple scripts under different categories which reflect consent manager settings.

And maybe someone has done something similar already…

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