How to turn off analytics_consent ON


I’m trying to set up PiwikPro’s consent manager with tags firing within Google Tag Manager for Google Analytics 4 tags and other party tags. Ideally to honor GTM’s built-in consent types for Google consent mode (cookieless pings for GA4).

I have the PiwikPRO container installed on the site for PiwikPRO’s analytics tag and consent manager which work fine, but I also still want to use Google Tag Manager for firing other tags for Google & other 3rd parties (and enable Google Consent Mode).

Initially I have got the following instructions to work (Consent Manager integration with Google Tag Manager | Piwik PRO help center),and can successfully fire my 3rd party tracking tags in GTM when window loaded, with the ‘analytics_on’ event via stg.consentDecision
however, if I subsequently change my preference to ‘reject’ then how do I stop the DLV from saying ‘analytics_on’ as at the moment it seems to persist when I want to reject. So my tags are still firing as the status hasn’t changed.

I have also tried to set-up Google Consent Mode to conditionally fire tags (using this guide - Google consent mode integration | Piwik PRO help center) but I am also aware that it says “This integration doesn’t work with Google Tag Manager” so maybe a lost cause this route? Can Google Consent Mode work with PP Consent Manager and GTM?

So, how do I stop my PP DLV from saying ‘analytics_on’ when I want it turned off?

For reference, in GTM I can see…

First visit - stg.ConsentDecision event (I accept analytics)
PP DLV says analytics consent “on”
3rd party tags fire on window load.
(This is good).

Changing the preference (by using the manage preference widget)
I can see the following events fire:

  • stg.consentFormViewPrivacyPolicy
  • stg.consentsWereSent
  • stg.consentDecisionMade
  • stg.rejectAllClicked (if I reject)
    … but DLV values still have analytics_consent: “on”

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,

Could you please provide me with a URL of your site? You can send it here under the thread or share it with me via private message.