How to integrate piwik pro with tealium ? facing 404 issue

Hello the Piwik Pro team,

Do you have guidelines, best tips or best practises to integrate & to map Piwik with Tealium please ?

I tried to map it to my websites in tealium “qa” environnement and i’m facing 2 issues:

  • The _paq has been reset. Any data that was in it is overwritten.
    Click the link in the bottom entry of the Call Stack below to see the offending code.
    This data has been overwritten: [,[“tealium”,“1.0.0”],[true],,null,null,null]
  • Post request to my piwik url with with status code 404

whereas i thought i impleted correctly the piwik pro container ul ==> status code 200

Here’s the website url: Le programme immobilier

What did I miss ? how can i fix it please ?
Thanks in advance for your kindly help

Kind regards,

Hi. The endpoint for our tracker is for your instance. Containers subdomain is used to serve assets such as container code or analytics library (ppms.js).

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Hi @kuba ,
Thanks a lot for your reply; following your tip & also tealium documentation on the subject: Piwik PRO Tag Setup Guide | Client-Side Tags |Tealium Docs i changed it but in fact i turned to be worst

Thanks Sébastien

I’m not sure how the template is set up, but there should be 2 calls:

  • first, to get the ppms.js library. It could be to keep things simple. In the docs I can see that tealium configuration requires base_url, so I’d try with //
  • second, to do the actual tracking. Here I’m not sure if it’s using the same variable or separate one marked as tracking_url. In the end, calling ppms.js should also generate a call to ppms.php


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Hello again, Thanks a lot you made my day. it works. Many thanks for your great & kindly support. Wish you a lovely day👍. Sébastien