Piwik Container cannot be found

I added tracking code on my page. I copied the code snippet (Basic container async) from ‘Installation’ tab in Piwik.pro. There is no data, though.
I checked Network tab in my Browser and the GET request

https://…piwik.pro/containers/[id].js shows 404 as the container didn’t exist.
Id in the URL is the same as in the Piwik Installation.

Is it possible, that I missed anything?

@kuba , could you possibly help, please?

Can you post the URL of the site where this problem appears?

You can also check if:

  • the domain in the request for container (https://(…).piwik.pro/[id].js) matches exactly your instance name
  • the container id matches the [id] matches the ID of the website (it’s displayed in the website settings below the name):

Thank you @maciej for your reply.
yes, I already checked:

  • the domain and the (…).piwik.pro is the same in our Piwik and the request;
  • the container ID from Settings in Piwik of my website is also the same as the paramater in the request.

I have only one website in Piwik and I copied the ‘Basic container (async)’ from Piwik without any changes.
I could not place the tracking code directly after opening tag, but it is in ‘body’ with all other tags.
Also when I try opening ‘https://…piwik.pro/containers/[id].js’ in the browser’s tab I also receive 404, although it’s the same browser where I am logged in Piwik.pro

Is there anything else, I could check?

Can’t think of any other obvious check. We will need the URL of the website with the installed snippet, or at least the URL to the container that is returning the 404 error.

Have you tried to publish the container in the Tag Manager settings? Maybe there was some issue with it during the installation. That could explain the 404.

Hello @kuba , after your hints I checked again, and indeed the Tag had not been published before. I published it and the Request goes through (with 200) and the data is visible in Piwik.
Thank you @maciej and @kuba for your help!

Cool! I’ll check with the team what caused that.

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can anyone please help ?