Hubspot cookie managing on Piwik consent banner

Hello! Is it possible to manage Hubspot cookies on Piwik consent banner? How I can build this? I’ve checked some of the docs but have not found the solution. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @robertValoa,

Are you using hubspot as your website, or as a third party integrated platform as part of your website?

Hi @rmastop !

Yes, in this case site it is Hubspot site. How it affects to the solution? :slight_smile:

Hi @robertValoa,

We have no direct consent integration for Hubspot websites.
however, you can make use of the API of Hubspot and Piwik PRO, to sync the consent from Onetrust to Piwik PRO

Hubspot has it’s own consent banner: Customize your cookie tracking settings and consent banner

If you enable it, you can use their API to sync the consent:

In Piwik PRO, you would use the feature to map to a 3rd party consent manager:

would that work for you?