How to personnalized cookies advanced settings and integrate Hubspot in it?


I want to personalized the cookies advanced settings I have in the consent banner. The categories shown doesn’t match with my needs.

I only need to show :

  • Necessay
  • Analytics
  • Ads
  • Functionnality

And Piwik banner shows :

  • Analytics
  • AB test
  • Conversion tracking
  • Marketing automation
  • Remarketing
  • User feedback

I am afraid that if I just change the text in the consent banner editor, the link with the right cookie will not be made. How can it be done ?

Also, I am using Hubspot cookies. I have followed this documentation to implement the Hubspot cookie in Piwik, but then it is only setting Hubspot as Analytics cookies but Hubspot can be also functionnality or ads cookies. How can I notify different categories regarding some specific cookies from Hubspot ?


Hi @Clara_Coudoin,

The consent banner will show the consent types which you are currently using in your tags.
If for example you are using only the Analytics consent type, only the Analytics consent type will be shown in your banner.

You can change the names of the consent types in the consent form editor in the Consent
Manager module -

If we change Analytics to Test -

It will show up like this but it will still be responsible for the Analytics consent type -

When it comes to cookies, the consent banner does not automatically block them. If you set up a tag with the Hubspot tracking code and set the consent type to Analytics, this will mean that the tag will fire the Hubspot tracking code only when the consent to Analytics was given.