Using Piwik with third-party cookie banner

Hi there,
I’ve tried my best to follow the steps in the article listed, but my third-party cookie manager does not detect any cookies from Piwik. I have disabled GDPR specific regions to test this also.

Basically I would like my existing banner to connect Analytics cookie consent to Piwiks as needed.

I am not quite sure about Step 8. (Use custom consent form) if the purpose is to use it with a third party banner?
I have not followed steps 10.-11., however I understand these scripts are not essential.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!

@JPcs step 8 is basically for disabling our own consent banner/pop-up. By selecting “Use custom consent form”, you will be able to display only your cookie banner.

Steps 10 and 11 are essential, because they are responsible for connecting the decisions selected in your cookie banner to our Tag Manager (and our tags like Piwik PRO Analytics).

Which cookie banner are you using?

Thanks Piotr for your help. I have already selected Use Custom Consent form, nothing else regarding the implementation described in the help form.

I am using Cookieyes with Squarespace. I’m not really sure how to proceed as I am not a developer, but my understanding is that I will be able to control Piwik cookies (and thus, consent) with the Cookieyes banner.

My understanding is that steps 10 and 11 could be skipped, the procedure says 10 could be skipped and that 11 will make user data non-anonymous. So, do you have any guidance for use with Squarespace? Code injection is available for Header and Footer of site pages.

Hi @JPcs,
@Piotrek is currently not available, so I’ll alow myself to take this one over. If the goal is:

to control Piwik cookies (and thus, consent) with the Cookieyes banner.

you should probably use the Cookieyes documentation. The article you are referring to and the approach @Piotrek proposed is based on the assumption, that you will pass consent decisions made by interacting with Cookieyes to Piwik PRO Consent manager through the API. That would require some development capabilities though.

Hope the above helps.