I always display Debug Mode

Good morning and have a good Sunday. I have noticed that when in any browser (both on mac and w10) in which I have PIWIK Pro login, and I open the 2 sites that I have added to the analysis platform, I always display the debug window as per the attached picture. I have also tried clearing the browser cache but I still have the same problem. This also happens when I click on all the pages of the site. And it also happens if I do not enter the restricted area of PIWIK Pro. How can I solve it? Thank you, Luigi

Hi. Clicking the X should close the debugger and remove cookie responsible for turning it on on each page view. Does the debugger appear also in the incognito mode?

Good morning, thank you for responding. With chrome in anonymous mode it doesn’t happen. For cookies I have done several times already but it always appears. I attach you the screenshot after removing the piwkipro cookie, Luigi

What is the exact URL you’re testing? You have to make sure that the stg_debug param is not part of the URL.

Just checked it on your website and it work fine.

Hi, I reset Google Chrome and now it works. There is no longer that problem, thank you, Luigi

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