Can not activate Debug mode

Dear Kind Experts -
Yesterday, during my first journey into tags, triggers and analytics, I was able to use the Debug mode to see if my tags were firing - invaluable tool. I had to “trick” my application into allowing the Debugger to load. However, I don’t know how I did it and now can not load the debugger again.
This is what I get when using the “Debug” button in the Piwik app.

Any suggestions on getting around this (like I did yesterday but simply can’t manage to redo)

Thank you

Your app may have issue with presence of additional URL param. What this URL param does is it indicates to our container that debug mode is demanded, but in the end it is all based on a cookie placed by our code upon detecting the parameter.

You can set the cookie manually and refresh the website - it should make the debugger appear

Name of the cookie: stg_debug
Value for the cookie: 1

I hope this info will get you going - let us know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for the suggestion. I added a cookie (In Chrome, then in Firefox) as you described, yet this did not bring back the debug UI.

@michaelf If you were able to load your website with that cookie entry, please check:

  • if in DOM you can see element with ID seventag_container_debugger - you can check it by running document.getElementById("seventag_container_debugger")
  • if this element is present, it may mean that it is covered by your website elements.
  • if it is not present, please check your console for errors and if there are any - please provide them here

Thank you Michael. I think my problem is bigger than this. It might be an issue in our code, as I now see there are no recent events in Debugger Tracker! The element you mentioned is not in the DOM. I also see there are no stg cookies, which I think there were in the past. Is there a command I can run in the console to see if Piwik is even installed?

Problem solved, problem was in our code merges. Thanks!


@michaelf apologies for missing on your post - I didn’t notice. For the future: you can check if Piwik PRO tracker is run by checking for Piwik object in the JS console. I’m happy you were able to solve your problem!