Debug window doesnt POP Up


I have added new url for the website and Debug pop up doesnt pop up, anyone can please help on this

Many Thanks

hi @MohanVemulakonda, welcome to the Piwik PRO Analytics Suite community!
Can you share the URL for the page?

Thanks for your reply,

Can you clear cookies and try again? I tried on Vivaldi and Safari and both show debug mode.
You can also try adding ?_stg_debug to the URL of the website.

Please note: debug mode can be blocked by some browsers and by your Content Security Policy rules.
Have a look at our Help Center article for more details: About debug mode | Piwik PRO help center

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I have the debug mode open in STG web but doesn’t open for UAT or PROD web, please suggest

Hi Debug mode doesnt pop up despite using stg

please suggest