Improve source/medium metric

Hi there,
we are a SaaS company that is doing Google Ads offers 30 day trials. Now the vast majority of purchase conversions are tracked as direct traffic.
the problem
My only focus is to improve the acquisition source/medium share, so i understand better where the conversions are coming from.
possible solution
I was reading up and it seems to me that I could create a userid, though when the user comes to the website (from google) he/she is not logged in. Is there a way to still assign an id ot the user? how could i pass it on, once he/she signs up?

Is there even a better solution or little things to improve that number? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi. We use the gclid param to measure traffic from Google Ads. Did you enable auto tagging?

Adding a user id won’t solve the mentioned issue since it has nothing to do with assigned acquisition channel.

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Please also check your setup. The traffic source can be lost in some cases. The most common case is HTTP redirect on the landing page to another domain.

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Thanks for the quick reply!