Marketing tracking with several channels + 2 different sites

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we have a website and also our application, which we are both tracking with PIWIK (different tracking codes). Our website has several CTA’s linking to our app where you can register for free.
We are using LinkedIn, Facebook, go on events and use Google Ads as marketing channels, which we want to report on.

Now, I got the request that we want to track the “origin” of our app sign-ups e.g.: a user clicks on an ad (or an LI/FB post) he’ll be sent to our website, there he clicks on any CTA and gets sent to our app where he registers himself.

What would be the best approach for tracking this visitor journey and mark it as a goal after successful sign-up? So in the end I want to know the “origin” of the sign-up, is it LI, FB or GAds.

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In case of a web environment, the origin is tracked by default based on parameters included in the URL that directed the visitor to your site. So, it could be simply achieved by a conditional in your custom report that would filter out the data based on the value of the Source/medium dimension (LI, FB, GAds and so on). If there are parameters that are not recognized automatically then you could add them manually in the Administration settings. Here is an article on that: How can I customize Piwik PRO campaign parameters? | Piwik PRO help center

As for the application, we have a SDK method that tracks campaigns based on different URL values. Here is on how to set it up: Piwik PRO SDK for Android — Piwik PRO Analytics Suite 18.3 documentation

You could save the information about the source of the visitor in the dataLayer and based on that and other conditions in the dataLayer structure, i.e. track goal after the signUp event is present, fire a goal conversion tag. A similar trigger could be set up based on the value in the stg_externalReferrer cookie which contains data about the URL of the site that referred the visitor to your site. Here is more information on the stg_externalReferrer cookie: Cookies created for visitors by Piwik PRO | Data and cookies | Piwik PRO help center

However, if you want to track the Web + App visitor journey then for now we do not have a solution that allows that and we are still working on improving this.

Let me know if this answers all of your doubts.


thanks for the answer, but I think I wasn’t clear about “application” - we have a SaaS software which runs in the web browser - so basically a second website.

I was thinking about using the same tracking code on the app site to track the visitor journey for the sign-up process, but will I be able to distinguish the visitors between the two sites?
Because I want to track the website visitors only - the app visitors should not be included in that number.

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You could easily recognize visitors in case of the same tracking code by using the Page URL dimension to filter the data out in your custom reports or filter it out by using the same Page URL dimension in the conditions of the reports.

Also, you can use segments to achieve a similar goal: Group visitors into segments | Piwik PRO help center