Error 404 on tracking JS so no data


I have add a new website in my piwik account and set it up on my website with the Wordpress official plugin.

I have set the data as requested but I not get any data in piwik.

Checking the debug on my website I see that for both the .sync.js and .js file I have an ERR_ABORTED 404 as the file seems to be missing.

Container address and Site ID are correct.

I have even tryed to cancell the website from Piwik and add it again (so get another Site ID) but the problem is the same.

On this account I have another WP website and the other one is working correctly without any problem

Any idea on what could be the problem and how to solve it ?

Thanks, Michele

Can you share the website address? If not, have you checked the URLs that returned 404? Do hey return correct JavaScript? Have you tried to republish changes in the Tag Manager module?

Hi thanks for reply.

the url and the js too
give back a 404 error.

I have try to delete and create a new website in piwik. The site ID is correct and the one shown in the url above.

I not use tag manager, i’m using the official WP plugin as show in Piwik manual integration inside the dashboard.

That is the correct url:

This one should work as well:

Thank you very much, I have done the integration inserting the code in the header and now it work.

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