Link in footer to consent banner (pop up version)

Hi, In order for us to become more GDPR compliant we would need to give the visitor the option to WITHDRAW their consent whenever they want. Because of this we would need a direct link in our footer on our webpage to the consent banner (pop up version). I’ve been searching the help part and the forum for this, but so far nothing has come up. Anyone solved this yet?

Hi @johanna,

You can either use the privacy settings code or the openConsentForm method in case you want to e.g. attach it to an already existing button.

But I need the code to the actual consent popup banner, it’s not an openConsentForm and it’s not the privacy settings code I need?

Why so? Both of the solutions mentioned in my answer will force the Piwik PRO consent banner to pop up and therefore allow you to change the consent settings.