Metasite query for properties using different time zones

Hi there, I look after a site that caters for various countries. The domain used is common, the distinction is made at URL level
( etc) This serves most European countries

In GA, we created one property, with one view per countries. This enable us to have one LookerStudio dashboard per country. UK LookerStudio dashboard connects to the GA UK view etc…

What I am planning on doing, is having one property for which uses FR timezone one for which uses UK time zone etc… and a MetaSite that combine them all.

The issue I am having is that Metasite is complaining that the TimeZone is different…

what would the impact of this be?

Is there a better solution?

Thank you

Hi @cgoasduff,

Impact of it will be that the timezones will be converted to the one you select for metasite. So if for example you’ll chose the FR timezone for Metasite than the UK time will be converted to FR.
That’s why it is highlighted that you are using different timezones.


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Thanks for confirming this!