Consistent Overcounting of Goals


I just set-up goal tracking a few days ago for a low traffic moving company website. On both March 20 and March 23, I see one extra goal conversion that seems like an echo of a previous goal completion. I know for certain these are not conversions because all completed moving estimate forms are stored in the WP backend. I have noticed a couple of things about the two “echo” goal completions:

  1. Same device/platform for both actual conversion and ghost conversion: Mobile Safari 17.3, iOS 17.3

  2. Same source / medium for the ghost conversions: direct / direct

  3. Same entry page for the ghost conversions: /free-estimate-thank-you/ (this is the goal confirmation page)

  4. The ghost conversion, in both cases, was more than 30 minutes later.

Clearly, Piwik Pro is treating the 2nd viewing as a new session

Is Safari messing things by deleting the 1st party Piwik Cookie? Or is something else causing this issue?

Hi David,

Could I ask you for URL to the website here or in DM? As well as affected goal name?

Hi Adam,

DM sent to you.