My Piwik PRO does not work with Matomo

just tried that tutorial for Matomo/Piwik but it doesn’t work on my end.
Everything works with the debugger, but no data record in Piwik.

Have you tried it recently?

Yes, the article was updated last week. Did you test it in tag manager or tracker debugger? Any errors in the browser’s console?

@kuba Yes I get an error in the console.

Tracker debugger doesn’t show any data.
I tested it with tag manager.

Can you share the URL of your website? Or at least screenshots from the tag manager showing that the tags are running? What can you see in the browser’s network tab when you filter using “piwik”?

Hello @Julien_Delbauve,

Based on the error from your console, you need to add a slash (“/”) to the Piwik PRO account address in the JavaScript snippet. We noticed that it was also missing in our Help Center article and we fixed it.

Here’s what it should look like:

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@kuba @Piotrek

Added a slash (“/”) and it works now.

Thanks a lot for the support !

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