Need a push in the right direction

After troubleshooting tracking issues through help from the forum, I became curious about the capabilities of PIKWIK ecommerce reports. I set up a few tags and triggers using the documentation but see no results in the debugger. There is decent activity on the datalayer though and the events show recognizable components. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any idea what I would need to modify to get anything from data. As mentioned, I have followed documentation to the best of my ability but lack knowledge.


Hi @mbmcargotech,

It looks like you are using the gtag GA4 dataLayer structure.

The gtag events are internally prefixed by our tag manager with arguments., so it looks like this:

You should be able to see this once you check the events log in the Tag Manager debugger. E.g. the view_item event is transformed to arguments.view_item.

So it looks like you need to change the trigger to arguments.view_item instead of view_item.


Hi Anthony,
I tried to do what you are suggesting but still don’t get it. Please have a look and comment once more.

ps. I only modified the detailed view trigger.

Thanks in advance!

It looks like the page url has a typo (I think it should be -detail).

I have also checked out the add to cart event - it seems to be fired when I enter the /cart page. In my opinion the event should be moved to the product pages where the add to cart button is available.

HI Anthony,

I added a filter to the product detail page. But I’m not sure if this is what you suggest.

The trigger should now only fire if clicked on the right page. But the debugging is nog really my thing, I still don’t get it…

Regards, Reinder

For the product details view event you are using a different dataLayer structure. It seems that you need to switch to Google tag GA4 (by selecting the correct preset):

HI Antony
I did switch it but I didn’t see the tag being fired though when scrolling in debug mode I do see the tags (for scrolling) light up. I assume this should be also the case for the detailed page view.

Regards Reinder

It works for me fine. Perhaps you need to give consent to analytics?

Good morning Anthony,

Thanks for having a look at the settings. If this is ok, then I can try to add the other steps to the ecommerce settings.

But I still don’t see any activities on th

e ecommerce reports. I attached my settings:



I have checked a custom report and the product details view event seems to be there :slight_smile:.

The default ecommerce reports don’t show any data yet because they require at least one ecommerce order or cart abandoned event.

I can’t really test the order (whether it’s correct) because I think there’s no way to bypass the payment :sweat_smile:. It also seems that there’s no ecommerce order tag added to the Tag Manager.

AHa, thanks. That was something I didn’t know about the reports. Unfortunately its very quiet at the moment in the shop but most likely the weekend w bring some orders.
I will continue the setup and if I need some assistance I will let you know.

Regards Reinder