"No data" in campaign name column


I have issues with identifying campaign name parameter in Piwik. All campaigns have UTM parameters, but only a few of them are tracked by Piwik. I’d like to know what campaigns caused custom events on website, but in campaign name column there is sign ‘No data’.

Hi! Please add Source/medium or Channel dimension to your report in order to check what are the traffic sources for those “no data” values. I guess that it’s caused by including into report other sources, not only campaigns.

Okay, then I have another question concerning filters in custom reports.
Why do I see custom events from sources that don’t contain words as “cpc” and “ppc”? On the screenshot you can see filters in report and already refreshed preview of the report.

If you want to effectively exclude certain source/medium, you have to go with a separate condition group that would be connected with an AND.