Number of sites in different plans

Hi. What’s the maximum number of sites/apps I can create in core vs enterprise plans? And whatever the limit is, is it increasable?

Since there isn’t a concept of views where we can collect the data with a single site id and manage the access with views, we have to create multiple sites.

Hi there!

On core plan you can create up to 10 properties. On the enterprise plan there is no upper limit on how many sites you can create.

Regarding the views, you could also use segments and custom reports to achieve a similar effect in Piwik PRO instead of creating multiple sites. It depends on your specific use case, but it’s something to consider :slight_smile: Here you can find more information about those: Group visitors into segments | Piwik PRO help center, Analyze goals in custom reports | Piwik PRO help center.

(Edit: I corrected the information about core plan)

Thanks for the answer Sara. The reason we had to create separate properties because we need to give access to different people for the data from the different sections of the website. (Think like separate subfolders). Segment permissions can’t be limited by specific users so it looks like it won’t work for us :sweat_smile: