Page loads when tracking with SPA / Blazor

I am using the basic container (async) in my Blazor SPA website.

All pageviews seem to be registered correctly and clicks for heatmaps are being registered.

However, when navigating, often pages are loaded (GET request) instead of just content being refreshed. This happens irregularly, also for the same page.

When I remove the Piwik Pro container, the content on pages is being refreshed again, and no page loads (GET) occurs.

I hope someone can help me to solve this issue.

Hi marcel!

Could you share the URL of the site on which this problem is present? We’d like to reproduce this issue.

Hi Antoni,

It’s an internal company website. I can check if our admin can make it public temporarily to a fixed ip if that would help? (not sure if they allow, but I can at least ask)

Hi marcel!

I’d be thankful if you could ask about it :slight_smile:.

Hi Antoni,

I submitted a request. I will send you a PM when I have an answer.