Tag Manager Doesn't Work

We are unable to see any Piwik events triggering on the website even though they seem to be added correctly.

Hi. Could you share more details on how did you install the Tag Manager? Can you share the website URL maybe?

Hi, we’ve tried to click/heatmap events using your guide and it seems to be added right, but when we come to view it on the PIWIC site inspector it is all disabled. my account user is noyk@liveu.tv and this is the URL: https://www.liveu.tv/ thanks!

Hi. I see you installed only Analytics without our Tag Manager. Please follow this guide: Google Tag Manager: install a container (with a tracking code) | Piwik PRO help center

Thanks, I’ve added it to google tag manager. but is there a reason why I can’t view the heatmap on site inspector?

You have to click “Load overlays” and then you should be able to generate Heatmap (assuming that you tracked already some data about the clicks).

I did click ‘load overlays’ but it is still disabled. does it need to collect a minimum amount of data before it works?
In the debugger I can see the heatmap/clicks/scrolls events but not on the maps.

Yes, there needs to be some processed data. The processing takes around 30 mins. Please wait some time and try once again. Just make sure that there are some clicks for the tested URL. If that doesn’t help, we’ll have a closer look later.