Pricacy cookie domain

Hello PP Community,

I’m exploring privacy fields of applications in piwik pro and I came across some specifications that needed to get clarified . I hope you can help me :slight_smile:
For some context I’m trying to reproduce the manually creation of an application ( let’s call it App_A) to a programmaticly one (App_B)
I found that app_A has some different values than the default ones while there were no inputed specifications provided in the “privacy cookie domain attribute” :
App_A has this :

             "privacyCookieDomainsEnabled": false,
            "privacyCookieExpirationPeriod": 31536000,
            "privacyCookieDomains": [

App_B has this :

 "privacyCookieDomainsEnabled": false,
            "privacyCookieExpirationPeriod": 31536000,
            "privacyCookieDomains": [],

From the Documentation , I’ve read that “privacyCookieDomains” works if privacyCookieDomainsEnabled is true .
Does that means that the wildcards specified in App_A won’t be taken in consideration ?
Also the default value in privacyCookieDomains is an emty array , why/how the “*” value were generated ? ( the person who manually created has not specified it )

Thank you in advance !


Sorry for the late reply.

Even if privacyCookieDomainsEnabled is false, the domains will be checked anyway.

The value privacyCookieDomains could not be created automatically. Most likely someone set share consent between subdomains, which affected privacyCookieDomains.