Cookie banner should not hide imprint and privacy policy

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In Germany, the website’s imprint and privacy policy must always be directly accessible and permanently available on the website, see § 5 Telemediengesetz (TMG). However, if the cookie banner is placed above the imprint and the privacy policy, these legal requirements are not met.

We use the PIWIK PRO Consent Manager in combination with the PIWIK PRO Tag Manager for our website. Is it possible to specify that no consent banner and of course no tags are delivered for certain pages?

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Hi @Juergen ,

Thanks for the feedback. Currently, you can use a workaround by implementing a custom tag (example at the bottom) that hides the consent form on a specific page (privacy policy).

We are working on a product solution to handle this case.

Only tags with the ‘No consent is required’ option will fire. It works similarly for the entire app. Why should the privacy page be an exception? You can set all tags with specific consent types to solve this issue.

Custom tag example (you have to adjust App ID and condition in the trigger):


Trigger example (Element presence):

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Hi Maciej,

Many thanks for your feedback and solution. It works great!

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Yes, confirmed it works! Thanks. This is important, especially for mobile UX.


  1. Make sure you use the Element presence trigger type, I was lost for a while.
  2. Where ever you see “yourAppId” in the above you should replace this with your actual app/site ID which also can be found in the URL in Piwik Admin.