Product revenue much higher than order revenue

Wondering how that is possible?

Orders report:

Product revenue:


Hi there!

Could you share the URL of the website you are reffering to? You can send it to me via private message or here in this thread :smile:

Hi again,

I went through your ecommerce data and it seems like some product prices are inflated (for example, on your website the product is 2,50 euro, and in the order it shows up as 2500 euro). I will send you a screenshot of the exact one in a private message because I don’t want to show any sensitive data here.

When a customer makes an order, you send an event which contains all of the products with their prices and also the revenue for the whole order (they are different from each other). In some cases, the revenue is correct, but the price of one product is very inflated. That is why the reports are so far off from each other.

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