Recreate custom image GTM tag in Piwik PRO Tag Manager


I need to recreate a custom image tag under Piwik PRO. Here’s the GTM tag:

How do I achieve this in Piwik PRO Tag Manager?

This article says it has to be done using a custom content tag: How do I set up Piwik PRO after using Google Universal Analytics (GA3) and Google Tag Manager? | Piwik PRO help center. However, how exactly do I do this?

Thank you!


Any idea about this? I’d like to publish this tag before the end of the week. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


it should be sufficient to add an HTML tag with the following script code containing your URL:

   (new Image()).src=""+Math.random();

if your URL contains parameters, use & instead of ? after the path to add the cache buster. If this is triggered, a unique URL should show up in the network tab.


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Hello Markus,

Thank you for answering! However, it seems like the script code isn’t showing up in your message. :confused:

Sorry, did not see that on mobile - post updated.

Thank you very much! It looks like it’s working as I’m seeing this in the network tab:


Could you please just tell me if I did the URL parameters the right way? :slight_smile:

Look totally fine but check the receiving end to be sure

Thanks again! :+1:

Have a good day

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