See "drop in" links


I am trying to understand where users are coming from for any particular page. In the screenshot below, how can I tell where users are coming from in the “drop in” segment?

I assume this is users coming from an external site, can I see exactly where they are coming from (the url) somewhere?

I would like to see the same for drop off too (but assume it is the same sort of process as above)

Thanks in advance, I find this forum super helpful and the fast response times are ace.

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 11.54.14

Yes, go to the edit section of your User Flow report and in the advanced section add Referrer URL to the field under the Breakdown by label:

You should be able to see referrer URLs of your visitors as soon as you save the changes and analyze where they are coming from and what URL they used to access your site:

In my case there is a lot of No data numbers as most of my entries to my test environment are direct and will not hold any referrer URL value. If you would like to see sources of your visitors then you could add to the aforementioned Breadown by field a Source or Source/medium dimension:

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