Drop off URL is current URL

Hi all!

When using a funnel, we see the URL of the current step in the overview of drop off URLs. For example: we have a funnel for a specific form. Step one of the funnel is the page: website.nl/form/step1. When I click on the drop off URLs of the first step in the funnel report, I see the the same URL (so: website.nl/form/step1) as the most visited drop off URL.

As far as I understand, the overview of drop off URLs is the pages to which they click out on the current step of the funnel. How is it possible seeing the URL of the current step in this overview?

I hope you can help us with this!

Hi @GBBO !
It is possible and expected when someone will reload the page. Basically drop-offs report shows the first page view after the visitor drops-off from the funnel. Example use case can be for the following funnel:

  1. Step 1 - user enters the page with the form
  2. Step 2 - thank you page after form submission

And now visitor goes with the following flow:

  1. Enter the page with the form
  2. Fill in the form and submit.
  3. Form has validation error, the page was reloaded the page view was tracked
  4. User abandons the form (drop-off after the first step)

For that case, drop-offs report for step 1 will show page views for the same page as defined in that step.

I hope that helps. Let me know in case more clarification is needed.

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