How to find the user path for a particular page or how exactly users visited the page like from navigation or from other page?

I am trying to download report for a page on how users has visited page. Is it via some other page or from navigation or from social media but i couldn’t find how to generate it.

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In order to gather the values that you mentioned, you could add to your report traffic dimensions such as Channel, Source, Medium, Source / Medium and Referrer URL. These dimensions help you determine where the user comes from.
There is a brief overview of all the aforementioned dimensions in the ‘Traffic’ section: List of dimensions and metrics | Piwik PRO help center

Channels are already available in report. But from the website i need to see which page is driving traffic to other page. Please find the screenshot, if i click on website and check desktop in the Mediums screenshot it says no data

Perhaps what you are looking for is a user flow report which helps you analyze the traffic data better and see the user journey based on the sites/URL that they have been on.

Here are some useful articles about the report:

Let me know if this answers your question.