Session from tracker debugger does not show in session log

Dear community,

Im currently trying to set up piwik for my website and running into some issues.

I set up basic tracking to record traffic and it worked in principle.
I now switched off the consent form (assuming the tracking will take place like all viewers would not consent right?)

Afterwards, session from viewers are shown in the tracker debugger, but not in the session log or the analytics (even after many hours)

E.b. I have two sessions here, which were recorded well above 4 hrs ago

but they dont show in the session log.

Anything advice here?
Does this have to do with turning off the consent form ?
I assumed tracking should still work.

Thanks a lot and apologies if Im getting something wrong here, Im just getting started

Hi @Tommago,

If the issue persists for other sessions from that day then it’s most likely connected to this topic:

Hi @anthonybartczak,

Thanks, the sessions from yesterday are starting to appear in the session log, so I assume this is not on my side and I just have to wait.

To calrify, I am right in my assumption, that by disabling the consent form all users will be tracked as if they did not give consent ?

Thanks a lot

All of the visitors will be treated like consenting traffic. If you’d like to anonymize all of the traffic when there’s no consent form enabled (Ask visitors for consent is disabled):

  1. Create a custom HTML tag with the content below and set it to trigger on all page views:
var _paq = _paq || [];
_paq.push(['setUserIsAnonymous', 1]);
  1. Set it to a higher priority (Tag Manager > Settings > Tag Priority)

Hi @anthonybartczak,

thanks so much I added the tag and in the session log there is no more information on city displayed so I assume the anonymization works correctly.

Thanks a so much, I will close this thread now.