Suddenly no data in Analytics

On 11 Jan 2024 12.25 there are suddenly no “new” data in Analytics for any of my sites.

I upgraded to the 1M plan at 11:20 and suspect that something has gone slightly wrong at that point. In that case I hope Piwik is able to fix this soon.

I also did some troubleshooting, just to be sure I did not mess something up:

  1. I read the pinned post Analytics is not tracking any data. How to troubleshoot?

  2. I checked the page source, and the tracking code is correct … also no reason it would suddenly not be across several sites.

  3. I checked the debugger, and it registers my actions on the sites real-time.

  4. I checked the inspector > network and found ppms.js which is loaded correctly.

  5. Also, I did not change the IP exclusion settings recently.

  6. I use a custom consent form, heavlily based on the example provided by Piwik here Piwik PRO - Custom consent form example | Custom consent form example for Piwik PRO Consent Manager but I also did so before analytics stopped showing new data.

  7. I checked the ppms_privacy_#### cookie and the consents > analytics > status changes when I edit my consent, so I am pretty sure the custom consent form is not causing the missing analytics data.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Best wishes
A new, but hopefully longtime, PiwikPRO user

Hi @ProfessorBalthazar,

We have stopped processing data from the data collection module to analytics after encountering some issues there. We are currently working on this and I’ll get back to you as soon as we get rid of it. There’s no data loss, you just won’t see new data appear in the analytics (this is why you see data in the tracker debugger but not analytics).

OK, so it’s not an issue related specifically to my account/setup? I am new to Piwik so I just need to make sure, I am not causing issues. Thanks.’

If you see sessions/events in the tracker debugger and these are not broken events (marked in red) then it’s most likely an issue on the processing side and not your fault

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