Sessions metric doesn't coincide with the Breakdown

Provided there is a website, that contains:

where and is the same content.

I have to split sessions in 4 groups starting with,, and

When I filter out by Session Entry URL, then the total of all 4 groups won’t result in the total of Sessions displayed in “Analytics” > “Reports” > “Audience overview” > “Sessions”

Could you please help me?

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Hi :slight_smile: Can you provide a screenshot? BTW. you can use dimensions value grouping to create a new dimension that fixes the issue with / and /en :slight_smile: Also, some smart 301 redirect would fix it ultimately.

Hi, I have a simpler example. when I check the total number of sessions in Piwik Pro and Google Data Studio, then I get the same number, but if I add a filter of the same content, then the numbers show up differently. See below:

Please share your thoughts.

@kuba do you have any thoughts about this question?
it has been a while…

Hello @Dmity,

This is Piotr from the Integrations team, I’ll take the part of the question about Data Studio. Right now filters can’t be applied to scorecard widgets, but we want to fix that in an upcoming update. I’ll get back to you with more details later this week.

Hi @Piotrek , thank you for your reply. I’m being pushed about that my management everyday and I will appreciate if this update comes ASAP.
However, the same problem is true for other GDS controls using filters, when I interact with Piwik Pro. For example,
Piwik Pro shows the following:

and Google Data Studio shows the following with the same filter

  1. What value is the right one(in Piwik Pro or in GDS)?
  2. Could you please let me know if there is any way I can reach the same values in those 2 platforms?

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Thanks for the valuable input. Piotrek should share more details after his holidays. As far as I know, he already started working on the solution. Sorry for not giving an update earlier.

@kuba , thank you for the feedback. Could you please let me know, when Piotreks’ holiday will be over, as my management is pushing me about that subject and requires definite dates, when it will be addressed?

One week more, but then I guess he’ll need a week or two to finish things.

Hi @kuba, thank you for the provided clear timeline. It sounds reasonable, but it’s a long timeframe for us, which can result in my management decision to move to a different analytics platform. We will see.
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I’ll make sure @Piotrek checks this as the first thing after holidays. Thanks for the patience.

Hello @Dmity,

Sorry that this took a while and especially for not reaching out to you earlier about the update that we are working on.

Basically, we want to provide a better way to use filters with Piwik PRO data. Right now filters are applied to the data in GDS only after the data has been downloaded from our Analytics. That doesn’t work in some cases, like when using the scorecard widgets.

However, in the upcoming version, the filters will be added to all of our data queries, meaning that it will be exactly the same as applying a filter in a Piwik PRO Analytics report or dashboard.

We are working to release the new version of the Google Data Studio connector with improved filters next week.

Hi Piotrek,
We are looking forward to it very much.
Thank you,

Hi @Piotrek ,
You mentioned scorecard widgets, which is great, but in this thread I also provided an example of a table. Sessions metric doesn't coincide with the Breakdown - #6 by Dmity . Will the upcoming version fix this case as well?
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Hey @Dmity,

Yes, it will. We want to address filters in general, so that they always work in GDS reports.

Hi @Piotrek,
Is the release with the fixes still taking place this week?
Thank you,

Hello @Dmity,

The release is on track for today, I’ll get back to you with a new link to the connector.
We’ll publish documentation next week.


Version 1.0.3 is out and it’s available here: Google Data Studio

It introduces support for Google Data Studio filters on Analytics query level. Filters will now be applied to the requests sent to our product. Previously they were only applied after the data was already downloaded.

Keep in mind that there are some differences between Data Studio filters and our filters, meaning that not every Data Studio filter will work with our data. Notable differences include: list operator, partial regexp matches. We’re still working on the City dimension, which we want to support in filters in a later release.

Let us know if everything works for you now. In case of a filter not working, the connector will use the old method of downloading data (filter will be applied only after data was downloaded).

Hi @Piotrek , thank you for the update. I can see that “include” filter started to return the numbers in Google Data Studio close to that of Piwik Pro work, however, “exclude” filter still won’t work(it returns exactly the same numbers as “include” filter). See the example:

I need this exclude filter to work in GDS. Would you be able to fix it?
Thank you,

@Dmity I was able to reproduce your issue with exclude filters. Fortunately, we were able to fix it quickly.

Here’s a new link to the update: Google Data Studio

Unfortunately, you need to follow the same process to install it. Let me know if you run into any further issues.