Sessions metric doesn't coincide with the Breakdown

Provided there is a website, that contains:

where and is the same content.

I have to split sessions in 4 groups starting with,, and

When I filter out by Session Entry URL, then the total of all 4 groups won’t result in the total of Sessions displayed in “Analytics” > “Reports” > “Audience overview” > “Sessions”

Could you please help me?

Thank you,

Hi :slight_smile: Can you provide a screenshot? BTW. you can use dimensions value grouping to create a new dimension that fixes the issue with / and /en :slight_smile: Also, some smart 301 redirect would fix it ultimately.

Hi, I have a simpler example. when I check the total number of sessions in Piwik Pro and Google Data Studio, then I get the same number, but if I add a filter of the same content, then the numbers show up differently. See below:

Please share your thoughts.