SharePoint online integration

I trying to integrated it with SharePoint online. I am following the documentation from here Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365) integration | Piwik PRO help center but there is no clear way on how to get the power shell file \Provision-ToSharePoint.ps1 .

Any idea on how to get to the Provision-ToSharePoint.ps1 file.

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Can you share a URL of the site with the issues that you are referring to? You can either leave it here under the thread or send it to me via dm.

It is a standard SharePoint url https://{domain}
it is a publishing site but in near future we will be moving to the modern SP communication or teams site. Any insights on how to get piwik integrated with SharePoint online will be helpful . Thank you

Sorry, I did not make myself clear. What I meant was the address of your Piwik PRO instance or one of the sites that are connected to the instance.