Site inspector log in keeps failing

Hi there,
When I click on the site inspector icon, I am prompted to log in.
I enter the ID and password I use to access Piwik Pro, but they are rejected (Incorrect email or password. Try again or reset your password)
When I try to reset my password, I enter the adress linked to my Piwik Pro account, click on “Send me instructions”, but I never receive any email (even in the spams)…
So I’m stuck and can’t use the Site inspector…
Thank you for your help

Hello Jean-Baptiste,
Please provide site address (URL) on which you open extension and have a problem with an authorization.


Hello Patryk,
Thank you for answering so quickly.
The URL is
The fact you asked for it made me think that I had to log in the Site Inspector plugin when that specific URL is displayed (I thought I had to be on the page…)
So now this specific problem is solved.
I encountered another one: I had created a Heatmap & clickmap tag, but I hadn’t noticed the “Publish” Button (not very conspicuous, to say the least :slightly_smiling_face:) .
Now it’s been published for more than one hour (published at 14:15, it’s now 15:30), but I still don’t get any heatmap, either via Site inspector (when hovering over the activation button, I get a “no data” message) or via page)
I hope it’s just a matter of time…
I’ll check later
Have a nice day,

Hello Jean-Baptiste,
I already verified that you have collected 19 unique elements for heatmap/clickmap on the main site ( from date range 1.01.2023 until 15.03.2023. Be aware the collected data is related with url that you run Site Inspector on, so eg. would have another set of data as it is treat as another page. The last thing is that collected data have to be proceed by our system and will be available for Site inspector after around an hour.
Have a good day,

Hello Patryk,
thank you for your attention.
Now Site inspector works fine.
I understand I have to click on “Load overlays” (otherwise the Heatmap, Clickmap and Scrollmap buttons can’t be activated)
Scrollmap and clickmap seem to word well, but no heatmap is visible (see attachment)